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The Internet is an amazing tool that sports fans have been able to capitalize on in many different ways. Fans can share their opinions, hold open discussions, communicate with others, and rant on whatever topic they’d like on a wide scale of technology and outlets. Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, podcasts and more allow for endless opportunities for those of us on the web to be heard and shine.

Today, we here at the Sports Download look to bring all these outlets together to form a sports blog where originality shines through our delivery of content and our array of talent; where you can “download” our posts for your reading, viewing, and listening pleasure. For the moment, what our readers can expect is compelling and thought inducing content from a crew of knowledgeable and creditable writers who have a true love and passion for sports. Contributors who have grown up on these forms of new media and have opinions worth tuning in to read, watch, or listen to. Our goals are simple. Discuss and debate sports, the news, and happenings surrounding it creatively and keep our followers entertained.

In the near future, we look to continue to assemble a talented group of contributors. We will have YouTube shows and podcasts as well to add to the site (plus, a cool logo). We want our followers opinions to be heard through polls, viewer and reader comments, and more. For now, enjoy the columns, the stories, and the posts from the world of sports and maybe a few surprises here and there. Thanks, and enjoy downloading.


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