Did R.A. Dickey Throw A No Hitter Last Night?

Last night’s spotlight in Major League Baseball went deservingly so to San Francisco Giants Starter* Matt Cain for throwing a 14 strikeout Perfect Game against the Houston Astros. Cain was amazing, delivering the ball to Buster Posey’s glove in the exact spot his catcher put it all night. But, he wasn’t the only one deserving praise last night.

*And arguably new staff ace

New York Mets Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey threw a gem of a game vs the Tampa Bay Rays, leaving the Amazin’s to a 9-1 win. Dickey gave up his first run in a new club record 32 2/3rds inning stretch in the 9th and allowed one “hit” to B.J. Upton in the first inning. I say “hit”, because on Upton’s ground ball to third, David Wright tried to bare hand the ball to throw out the runner at first. Except, the ball hit him in the knuckle and the ball got past him, allowing the speedy Upton to get on. The score keeper called it a hit, and it ended up being the last one of the game Dickey allowed*. You can watch the play on the link below.


*Wright also had the only Mets error of the game that led to the only Rays score. He threw wide at first on a grounder by Elliot Johnson, who then scored on two passed balls and a groundout.

We could spend a whole article going into the force that is Robert Allen Dickey; about how he won his majors leading 10th game; about how he is making a strong case to start for the NL in next month’s All Star Game. But this topic is about whether or not you, the reader and viewer, believe that Wright’s play in the 1st was an error and that Dickey should be credited with what would be now the second No-No in Mets history**. New York sent in an appeal to MLB’s offices where they are hoping to overrule the scorekeeper’s call and get Dickey his first ever No Hitter, even if Dickey said getting one through a ruling would be “a little bit cheap”.

Our poll below wants to find out what you think on the matter. Should Dickey be credited with the No-No. Or are the Mets just getting greedy now trying to get their second No Hitter in two weeks when it took them 49 years to get the first one? Let us know.

**Personally, I believe it was an error and Dickey should get the No Hitter. Also, I’m incredibly happy Johan Santana did get this mark before this came up, because if the Mets were to get their first no-no through an overrule, then that would seem very tacky and less special. The second one? Yeah, sure, that’s fine.


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