Justin Tuck’s New Facemask Ain’t Nothing To Mess With

WHOA!!! Whose that playing DE for the Giants, Justin Tuck or Bane????!!!!!!

Apparently, Big Blue’s defensive leader was tired of opposing linemen and players getting their fingers in his grill, despite having a pretty tough looking facemask last season. Uh… That won’t be happening any longer, unless a player wants to break a finger the easy way.

I thought before that Tuck’s defensive linemate Chris Canty had the most aggressive protective face gear in the league before, but this takes the cake. It’s got five horizontal bars to go along with 12, I repeat, TWELVE diagonal bars!!!

Tuck has had some neck injuries in his career and missed four games last year because of it. Moving to a helmet like this may be to try and ensure his head doesn’t get yanked around on those vicious run ins with the o-line looking forward.

I would imagine it being difficult for someone to see on the field with so many window holes to look through, but I’m sure Tuck will adjust finely and instead, enjoy the look of fear in his opponents eyes as they look at that monster mask chasing them down.


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