Three Reasons Why Todd Frazier Is One Of My New Favorite Players

At first glace, myself being a diehard New York Yankees fan, there would be little reason to think why I would want to be a fan of Cincinnati Reds 3B Todd Frazier. Why you ask? Well (A.) I’m an AL fan, (B.) I typically am not watching Ohio baseball, and (C.) well, who knows about Todd Frazier?

But all of that has forever changed thanks to the convenient tool that is called the Internet and a Google search, because you should all get to know Todd Frazier because he’s awesome. Here are the three reasons why he’s one of my new favorite players in baseball.

Todd Frazier is from New Jersey

Frazier grew up in Toms River, NJ, attending Toms River High School South*. You won’t believe it, but I, as well, am from New Jersey, about twenty-twenty five minutes away from Toms River. He graduated from South and stayed in state to go play his college ball at Rutgers, a school that everyone in Jersey agrees to cheer for athletically no matter what, sort of like an unwritten rule**. As a Scarlet Knight, he went on to win the 2007 Big East Player of the Year award and was eventually drafted by the Reds 37th overall in the ’07 Draft.

*Or as we call it around here, Toms River South… Maybe not enough of a name change to make it worthy of a footnote but hey, I’m trying to give you all a deeper look into the post.

**Along with Seton Hall. Ah, that 1989 Final Four Team, right?

Todd Frazier won the 1998 Little League World Series

Frazier was a key player in for the Toms River team that captured the hearts of all of not only New Jersey, but the United States, when he and his teammates captured the 1998 Little League World Series Title in Williamsport, PA. Frazier not only went 4-4 on the day with a home run, but was the winning pitcher on record for the championship. Tell me THAT isn’t awesome!

Finally, the number one reason that Todd Frazier is my new favorite MLB player is…

Todd Frazier’s walk up music is Frank Sinatra

It’s fine, I’ll give you all a moment to soak in that awesomeness…


All right, now that’s great stuff right there. Frazier walks up to either one of two of Ol’ Blue Eye’s songs: Come Fly With Me or Fly Me To The Moon. When asked why he has such an appreciation for Sinatra’s music, Frazier said, “He’s a Jersey guy, and he’s the best in the world. I love him”.

So not only is Frazier a close by New jersey native, a Jersey sports hero, but he also has a fond appreciation for Sinatra because the crooner is a New Jersey hero and an incredible singer*!

*My favorite Sinatra songs: New York, New York; Summer Wind; Fly Me To The Moon; and anything he sang in Guys and Dolls

Needless to say, I don’t have to give any more reasons on why Todd Frazier is now one of my favorite ballplayers.


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