A 6-Year Old Tries To Bring Brandon Jacobs Back To The Giants With His Piggy Bank Money

Brandon Jacobs may not have been the most popular New York Giant in his final season with Big Blue, and there may have been a large percentage of the fan base that wasn’t overly upset to see him sign with the San Francisco 49ers. But one fan was willing to empty out his whole life savings, just to try and keep Jacobs in New York.  So what if he was only 6-years old.

Joe Armento sent the running back a letter and everything he had in his piggy bank, a grand total of $3.36, in hopes of being able to make it easier for the Giants to re-sign him with their cap constraints. His mother, Julie, helped her son send the letter to Jacobs and wrote the following to little Joe’s favorite player.

“Dear Mr. Jacobs:

My 6-year old son, Joseph, is a huge NY Giants fan. Last year he had the opportunity to go to a game, and he just fell in love with the team. When he asked me why you were going to SF I explained that the Giants did not have enough money to keep you. So, in an effort to convince you to return to NY he wrote you the enclosed letter, and included money for you from his piggy bank.

Joseph is just learning to read/write so I will help you by translating his letter:

‘Dear Brandon Jacobs,

So you could go to the Giants, here is my money.

Love, Joe’

I hope this letter finds you well. Congratulations on the Superbowl win! Our family will miss you next year, but we wish you all the very best in San Francisco.”

Heart warming stuff there, right?

Jacobs received the letter and was clearly touched by the incredible generosity of someone so young and the family’s nice gesture. He tweeted out the photo to all of his followers and commented on it afterwards, saying he might have to fly out to visit his fan.

While they’ve yet to meet up, the football player and his fan, connected now by this letter have connected by phone on multiple occasions. The first, when Jacobs called the Armento house and talked to Joe, telling him the next time he was in New Jersey, he would love to see him face to face. The second happened on live television on CNN. The Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien had Joe and Julie both on to talk about the experience and surprised them when Jacobs called in to say hello once again, letting Joe know how much the letter meant to him*.

*Watch the clip from the show here

This may be one of the nicest stories we have in sports all year. As a kid, we all know when a favorite player leaves your team, it can be heartbreaking. But out of this sadness has come a relationship that no kid ever gets the privilege to experience; interacting with that favorite athlete.

This season, both Brandon and Joe will have one game circled on their calenders when in week 6, the Giants will fly out to San Fran to face off against Jacobs and his 49ers. Brandon will look to get some revenge against his former team, while Joe will be hoping Brandon can’t play. Those two will be connected by thought the whole day, and hopefully long after.


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