Was Manny Pacquiao Really Robbed?


After Tim Bradley was declared the winner by split decision over Manny Pacquiao, everyone on earth seemed to be not only shocked, but disgusted by the result. From boxing die hards to casual obserevers, everyone though Pac Man dominated the fight, and believed the only way Bradley could win was by a fix being in. “Boxing’s ruined!”, said everyone. “The whole sport is fixed!”, said Twitter. Heck, I even got in  on the bashing as well.

But a new video posted online is trying to change the opinions of people who think Manny was screwed out of the win by  pointing out the flaws in the broadcast crew, specifically HBO’s play-by-play man, Jim Lamplay. Watching the fight, it was clear who the broadcaster’s believed was winning the bout, crediting Pacquiao for punches he didn’t even land, as you can see in the video above. Lamplay has taken a pretty decent amount of criticism in the past for his broadcast style, especially his “BANG” calls, and even listening in to the broadcast while it was live, you could clearly sense the broadcast team, especially Lamplay making their opinions heard a little bit more than their commentary.

Speaking for myself, I can definitely see a case where I could’ve viewed this fight differently watching it with the announcers on mute. Maybe my opinions on this fight were changed because of what I was hearing. Obviously to really see  if Bradley should be the true winner, you’d have to re-watch the fight in full, but this video does provide a counter argument to the popular belief still held about this bout almost two weeks later.

Let us know what you think below in the poll after watching the video. Did HBO and Lamplay’s bias get in the way of the story of the fight and do you now believe Bradley deserved to get his hand raised?

(Via Bill Simmons)


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