Lessons From Queensbridge: Advice From Metta World Peace

Introducing a new running piece here on the Sports Download that’s sure to become a fan favorite. It’s Lessons From Queensbridge, where we will take valuable bits of insight, logic, and of course, advice from the one and only mind of Metta World Peace, A.K.A. @MettaWorldPeace, A.K.A. Ron Artest, A.K.A. Ron Ron, A.K.A. Ronald William Artest, Jr, A.K.A. The Greatest Mind the World Has Ever Known.

For our inaugural post in this series, we give you one of Metta’s most recent tweets from early Thursday morning.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m about to start DVRing every episode of  iCarly I can while memorizing the entire catalog of hip hop music known ever. I’ll start with the letter A. A$AP Rocky’s pretty hot right now so there’s the starting point.

Hopefully, the two genres don’t get tangled in my imagination or anything while spending the rest of my remaining free time on this task, you know like, listening to verses about life on the streets triggering images I’ve seen in media that could then make me in this state see things you wouldn’t expect to see on a Nickelodeon show. You know, like a remake of a scene from The Wire, like this one:


Metta may have a better hold on people’s minds than he even realizes…

And that was Lessons From Queensbridge: Your Weekly Advice From Metta World Peace!


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