Lessons From Queensbridge: Advice From Metta World Peace, Post #2

It’s time for everyone’s favorite help column, Lessons From Queensbridge, where we will take valuable bits of insight, logic, and of course, advice from the mind of the  one and only Metta World Peace, A.K.A. @MettaWorldPeace, A.K.A. Ron Artest, A.K.A. Ron Ron, A.K.A. Ronald William Artest, Jr, A.K.A. The Greatest Mind the World Has Ever Known.

In our second installment, we check in with Metta up in the Great White North, as he was relaxing up by Vancouver when he ran into some new friends he met during his trip.

I have oh so many questions about this photo, but here are the most important ones:

How did Ron Ron start the conversation?*

How long did they talk for?

Did the elderly couple agree to the picture, or is the elderly man scratching his head because he’s shocked it got to this point so fast?

Does the elderly couple even know who MWP is?

Is the elderly man thinking where he recognizes MWP from?

Did the elderly man stop watching the NBA after the night of the “Malice at the Palace” because he was enraged by first off, losing the Vancouver Grizzlies just four years earlier, then the actions of Ron that night? Then, was shocked to see Artest all pleasant in front of him, hearing him say his name was Metta World Peace now, and was doing all he could to search for answers?

In the second photo Ron Ron took of them as they walked away, did they leave their park bench to actually leave, or avoid Ron out of fear/confusion over what they were talking about?**

*I say that because there is no way on earth this elderly couple walked up to a 6’7″ NBA player and struck up a discussion.

**I’ve never had a conversation with Ron Artest, but if I imagined I did, I assume topics could range from anything from music to food to baby teeth to a guy getting stabbed in the heart with a table leg.

So, in conclusion, befriend the elderly, share in their experiences with them, the realist beauty is true everlasting love, and don’t look confused when taking pictures with Ron Artest. Just go with the flow; because if you are taking photos with Ron Ron, you are not in control of the situation.


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