Jeremy Lin, An Outside the Lines Report.

Let’s start this off with a fun game that everyone loves to play!  I’m going to give you two players statistic as starting guards in the NBA, and we’re going to compare them.

Player A:

Games started: 54

Rebounds: 3.6

Assists: 9.0

Turnovers: 3.3

Points: 17.1

Player B:

Games started: 25

Rebounds: 3.7

Assists: 7.7

Turnovers: 4.7

Points: 18.2

Now you can probably already tell who player B is, simply by the games started statistic.  It is, of course, Jeremy Lin.  His numbers are impressive for a player who didn’t have a guaranteed contract at the beginning of the year, but those stats are strikingly similar to Player A’s.

In the eyes of many basketball minds, Player A outclasses Player B on the sole fact that he turns the ball over 2 less times and get about 1.5 assists more per game.  Not only that, he seems to be proven, playing almost twice the amount of games as Player B.  If a Knick fan, or any basketball fan really, was asked to choose between these two players, the logical choice would be player A.  Of course, the logical choice is not always what the Knicks have done. In this case, however, sport’s most overrated franchise did the right thing.  Player A is Raymond Felton in 2010-2011.

If signing the better player for less than half of Lin’s Houston contract doesn’t do it for you, here are some other things to consider.  Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas and Klay Thompson were just three rookies that played as well as, if not better than, Jeremy Lin last season.  Why didn’t they get the recognition that Lin did?

John Wall averaged similar stats to Lin, starting every single game.  What was Wall’s greatest criticisms last year? That he shot poorly and turned the ball over.  For those wondering, he turned the ball over 3.9 times a game, 1 less than Lin , and shot .021 percent worse.

I could go on but I don’t need to.  The fact is, Jeremy Lin received far too much praise for what he did.  Sure it was fun to watch him play, but it was a fad, that’s all.  Halfway through next season, Lin will be Houston’s Rashard Lewis with the “poison pill” contract.

But Linsanity!! Oh I know, right? Lin captured our hearts as the kid who beat the odds! An Asian-American guard finally making it as a starter in the National Basketball Association! A Harvard graduate that was sleeping on a couch half a year ago, just to capture the heart of every New Yorker right in time for Valentines day.

Be sure to remember that this is basketball.  The point of the game is to win first, create a storyline second.  Jeremy Lin became something he never should have.  The Lin saga was a story for Outside the Lines that became Sportscenter’s breaking news.  We are getting so caught up in the story behind the game, that we fail to see the game itself.  Jeremy Lin is a talented player, and I wish him the best in the NBA, but judge him as you would any other player.  Oh, and don’t give him 15 million dollars in one year.


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