Fresh Out The Box: You Can’t Wear Purple, Man!

Welcome to one of our newest features here at the Sports Download entitled Fresh Out The Box. For anyone who knows me, I am a proud sneakerhead and a conoscere of all things when it comes to basketball shoes. So, this series will feature various posts from all things happening in the sneaker world, from reviews, to rankings, to opinions, to commercials, and anything in between.

Our first post of the series comes from video taken on the floor at Madison Square Garden before a recent Knicks game. Now, I bet your assuming that if this post has to do with the Knickerbockers and sneakers, that Spike Lee would be involved. Well, you’d be 100% correct if you guessed that. Everyone always sees Spike stationed courtside on celebrity and millionaire row at MSG in his freshest Knicks gear, checking out which jersey he’s wearing that night or if he’s rocking his signature Jordan Spiz’ikes, or his Son of Marsor a special PE like his Foamposite Ones, or the brand new Jordan XX8’s. While they’re looking at him, Spike is tuned in to the kicks on the court. And he didn’t like what he saw when it came to the selections of Knicks rookie PG, Pablo Prigioni*. The 35 year old Argentinean was called out by Spike personally for wearing… wait for it… the home Lakers colorway of the Kobe 6’s. Purple and yellow. A.K.A., not orange and blue. Watch as Spike looks to have come back straight from Nike Town on 54th Street with the blue and orange Linsanity Hyperdunk 2011 Lows as a gift for Prigioni, so that he may color coordinate properly, with some chiming in from Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire.

*Or as SDL writter Brian Hoeg likes to call him, “Prigi Smalls”.

Playing against the Lakers and Kobe Bryant, while wearing Lakers colors and Bryant’s own shoe! That might as well be a cardinal sin in the NBA! Prigioni is trying to say he’s tried to get the NY colors on the Kobe’s, which I’m assuming is just the shoe he enjoys to ball in the most, but it’s not available on Nike iD any longer. Which makes perfect sense since it’s a shoe that originally released around December 2010. It’s a two year old model, but hey, who turns down free sneakers? Especially from Spike-fricken-Lee! Well, apparently Pablo Prigioni does. Check out what he was playing in against the Bulls just two nights ago…

Pablo Prigioni Kobe's

Spike… this may be harder than you thought. When a shoe fits just right, it’s tough to convince any player to switch. We’ll be sure to stay tuned to see if the Linsanitys ever make it to Pablo’s feet.


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