Thanks Internet! – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From The Sports Download and the NBA!

In honor of Christmas Eve, we’re in the giving spirit here at the Sports Download. And ’tis best to give rather than receive so while today’s been a big day for our site’s history (MOST VIEWED DAY IN THE BLOGS HISTORY! Much thanks to Brian Hoeg’s Monstars blog and the nation of Turkey who’s clearly linked something from our site today for some reason as half the views have come from that country alone), we want to give back to our followers through the beauty of Christmas music… sung by people who have no right to even try to carry a tune in most cases. Here’s some of the best, worst, weirdest, and funniest Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday videos released this season.


Houston Rockets – Dreidel Song

Before we jump into Christmas, we go to our lone Hanukkah video found from this year. Courtesy goes to the Houston Rockets, who gave it their all on the classic “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel”.

This was the first of two holiday videos the Rockets released; the other showing all the charity work they did helping local kids. Great stuff.

STAR: Carlos Delfino. Truly gets into the song, while throwing in some interpretive dance as well. Also, Omer Asik proves something we’ll see throughout this post… it’s funny when foreign guys sing.


NBA – BIG: Color

Before we jump into the Christmas covers, we have to show the great and creative commercial the NBA came up with for their five Christmas Day game slate tomorrow.

STAR: Whoever conceptualized this idea. I love creativity and this was an awesome concept. To make “Carol of the Bells” happen with basketballs! Awesome! The jerseys?… Not so much. But that’s another thing.


Chicago Bulls – “Carol of the Bells”

Speaking of “Carol of the Bells”, here may be my favorite team video released from this year. Benny the Bull and a bunch of dunking acrobats fly through the sky in a cinematic beauty to the season’s most epic song.

STAR: The videographers. Whoever set up this shoot is a friend of mine and a fan of cool videos. So many different angles, lighting, and effects, so much win.


Los Angeles Lakers – “Deck The Halls”

Now we’re starting to get into that awkward, ridiculous stuff that these videos are known for! The Lakers sing the upbeat tune and-SPOILER ALERT- Dwight Howard hams it up the whole time.

What, you thought Kobe was actually going to sing in that?

STAR: Metta World Peace. Because in that moment at the very end, as he goes to wish you a Happy Holidays, everyone else was thinking just like myself that he’s gonna think this was a video for St. Patricks Day. All the green could’ve confused him.


Denver Nuggets – “A Very Nuggets Holiday”

The Nuggets get in the Christmas spirit by putting on the first of two fake album ads you’ll see in this post as the players “sing” their favorite tunes. Some are better than others.

STAR: In a stunning finish, Timofey Mozgov beats out Pierre McGee! Trust me, I’m as shocked as you, and I selected the winner! But as I said with Asik, it’s hilarious when foreign guys try to sing, and JaVale barely came in second by just being himself and a goofball. A close third was Julyan Stone, who got really into his version of “Deck The Halls” with Delfino-like dancing. Also, a shake of the head to Andre Iguodala for not even trying… c’mon man.

BUT WAIT! The Nuggets hilarity ensues thanks to their bonus outakes clip!


Dallas Mavericks – “Sleigh Ride” AND Dirk Plays Santa

The Dallas Mavericks have missed Dirk Nowitzki all season long on the court as he just recently returned to the court from injury. Thank goodness he wasn’t missing from their hijinks though. Dirk showed off some vocal “chops” while wishing he could sing Jingle Bells alongside his teammates in their take on an American classic that I guess doesn’t get much play in Germany.

Dirk returns once again to hand out some presents to his teammates, being the leader he is. Yet, the guys are a little confused by some of the selections.

STAR: Dirk! DUH! Dirk is magic when it comes to videos like these* and he delivers even when sharing the spotlight. He would win alone for just his look on his face in the first five seconds of the latter video. Shoutout to Rick Carslile though for getting into the moment and actually knowing the words for a change in one of these things.

*Don’t believe me, watch his “Born In The USA” cover


Golden State Warriors – “Jingle Bells”

The song that Dirk wanted to sing goes to Golden State where despite the fact the Warriors are playing good basketball, they can’t sing a good tone.

STAR: Stephen Curry. His “HAHAHA” cutting himself off was the stuff that makes these NBA holiday videos so special. Another head shake at Klay Thompson. Klay, you need the lyrics to Jingle Bells! That’s embarrassing.


Brooklyn Nets – “12 Things Of Christmas”

The Nets have been very set in marketing themselves as a cool, new franchise in their cool, new home of Brooklyn. Well, that’s tough to do with a team full of emotionless, awkward, camera shy players, but they tried to anyway with a hip-hop cover of the “12 Days Of Christmas”.

STAR: Deron Williams tried his best with the song and got into the mood of the season, so he gets the nod. MarShon Brooks did well in his part, too, while Joe Johnson joined them in at least smiling. But does it look like Jerry Stackhouse and CJ Watson need some Christmas cheer or what? Also, nice job by Josh Childress Josh Childress-ing his “5 GOOOOOOLLLLDDDDEEENN RIIINNGGS” line.


Los Angeles Clippers – “Happy Holidays”

The Clippers decided it’d be a good idea to turn Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, and Lamar Odom into elves and digitally dance around on screen in that face-cut out fad that I thought died two or three years ago. Well, this may be the low point of the holiday wishes.

STAR: No one. We all lose after watching that one. We need a great video to rebound back with.


The Basketball Jones – “A Very NBA Christmas”

While this isn’t from a team, it deserves watching. The guys at The Basketball Jones are absolutely hysterical and also know a ton about basketball. So when they put their knowledge and comedy to good use, we all win. That’s why they came out with their very own set of Christmas and Holiday songs on our second fake album of the post.

STAR: Whoever of the guys wrote “Joel”. First time I listened through I absolutely lost it hearing that.

BEST SONG TITLE WE DIDN’T HEAR: All I Want For Christmas Is Jrue.


Various Artists – “Jingle Bells”

The NBA got in on the act too, pulling a few players from teams playing on Christmas Day, James Harden, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin to help bring good cheer towards all fans.

STAR: Blake Griffin. Look, as my post proved yesterday, Blake loves the camera. He gets into the song and they even changed the lyrics specifically to include his posterizations. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a win.


That’s all the videos found online released this year, but in honor of the season, why not go into the past to watch a couple of the greatest videos the NBA has ever given to it’s fans in celebration of the Association!


CLASSIC: Detroit Pistons – “Jingle Bells”

A.K.A. the Rasheed Wallace Christmas video. This may be the greatest, well, at least the funniest Christmas REMIX ever made along with the 12 Pains of Christmas.

STAR: One word… SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!!! Be sure to play this while opening presents under the tree tomorrow. You won’t be sory.


CLASSIC: TNT Season Kick-Off Video Open – “Live Forever”

This is my favorite video ever produced for the NBA. TNT always knocks their season intro videos out of the park, but rewind back to last year. The NBA community feared that a lockout was going to cost the league an entire season, just when basketball was starting to carry serious momentum into the mainstream of sports for the first time really since Michael Jordan left the game. The league and the players association finally came to an agreement that the 2011-2012 season would kick off on Christmas Day. Fans looked at the return of basketball as the ultimate gift they could receive, being able to watch the new wave of stars in the league shine like the heros and legends of their memories. This tease found a way to bring all that together in a masterpiece.

STAR: The past, present, and future of the NBA. Hauntingly beautiful. Gives me chills every time. This video is why I love this game. I don’t know how to describe that, but if you love basketball, you get exactly what I mean.




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