Who Got Embarrassed Worse? Ish Smith or Marcin Gortat?

The action in the NBA was on last night and some of the leagues brightest stars came to play on Monday. The Wizards hosted the Magic in DC, where John Wall saw action in only his second game of the season while returning from injury, where as Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder traveled to Phoenix to face the Suns. Wall was still getting back into the swing of things, but helped lead his team to victory once again as the Wiz are now a perfect 2-0 with the former #1 overall pick back. Meanwhile in the desert, Durant dropped 40+ for the second time in three games, putting 41 on the Suns for OKC’s forth in a row. What do these guys have to do with the likes of the players listed above? They flat out fooled them by means of their overpowering strengths on the court.

Wall excited the home fan base by not only playing, but leaving Orlando PG Ish Smith in his dust with a beauty of a crossover. After missing more than a quarter of the season, Wall clearly realizes he has some catching up to do in terms of standings but also in creating highlight-worthy material.

Meanwhile, KD has had plenty of highlights to add to his hoops mixtape this campaign, but what’s wrong with another career posterization? This time, the victim’s Suns Center Marcin Gortat and Durant made him pay for trying to contest his dunk and even trying to jump. Plus, he did the Blake Griffin-like throw-the-ball-through-the-hoop dunk, which personally, I’m tired of hearing isn’t a “dunk”. No he doesn’t hit rim, but he throws it down with such force it looks even cooler! You don’t think so? Ask Timofey Mozgov.

So, who’s shoes would you least rather be in and got the worst of it Monday night? Smith or Gortat? Leave your vote below and sound off in the comments section why you voted for either side.

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One thought on “Who Got Embarrassed Worse? Ish Smith or Marcin Gortat?

  1. A crossover is nice, but to get dunked on is the lowest of the low in sports in my opinion. It’s a grown man skiing over you and throwing a dunk down, making your attempt to block the shot just a puny, embarrassing effort. Plus, KD’s scowl at the end is so cold, it sells it.

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