A One Year Hiatus, In Review

Many thanks to Alex Rosenbaum for getting The Sports Download back up and running. It has been exactly one year and one week since I last wrote here… A lot has happened since then.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up: 

Everyone’s brackets imploded, except for two groups of people: UConn fans that fill out their brackets by putting the team they root for as the champions first and then dealing with the rest of the bracket, and people who got so confused by Daylight Saving Time that they thought we were turning our calendars back to 2011 and UConn and Kentucky were actually in the conversation for a title (come on people, it’s Fall Back, Spring Forward… This low quality joke doesn’t even make sense).

Cricket was played, just like this year, except nobody talked about it.

DeSean Jackson left the Philadelphia Eagles after having a great season before it was cool.

The Milwaukee Brewers adopted the dog that hung out by their Spring Training facility, increased their female fan base by 1000%.

Northwestern football players were ruled employees and therefore could unionize, causing no uproar at all in society.

The New York Times wrote this in depth piece on the Jameis Winston alleged rape investigation… One year later he could become the #1 pick in the NFL Draft.

Free snacks for everyone!

Donald Sterling got caught on tape saying the horrible racist things most people already knew he said on a regular basis, so he was forced to sell the Clippers and was banned from the NBA for life. Is this where the sporting world’s judicial system went from due process to public opinion?

Kevin Durant got emotional after winning the NBA MVP award, let us know who the real MVP is.

Jason Collins became the first openly gay athlete to play a game in one of the four major sports in the US after signing a 10 day contract with the Brooklyn Nets. His number 98 jersey became the top seller on NBA.com. Some compared his barrier-breaking appearance to another major one in sports back in 1947, but he received a few more standing ovations in 2014 than Jackie did in his day.

Damian Lillard needed only 0.9 seconds to make the city of Portland very, very happy:

After coming out prior to the draft and drawing much speculation, Michael Sam became the first openly gay NFL player drafted. Then he was cut, and then he made a practice squad, and then he got cut again. If Sam and Collins did in fact start an eventual change for the better, one day openly gay players will come and go without making headlines for anything but their play on the field.

50 Cent tried to throw a pitch. Instead, something else much more magical happened:


Insane doesn’t begin to describe the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals between the LA Kings and the NY Rangers. Three of the 5 games went into overtime, including the final game that ended with this.

LeBron and the Heat fell to the Spurs in 5 games, and everyone came up with their own punny “Dethroned the King” jokes.

Everyone dumped really cold water on their heads for an awesome cause started by Boston College’s Pete Frates.

Team USA made it to the round of 16 of the World Cup, sparking more soccer-fandom stateside than ever before. But Tim Howard almost single handedly propelled them even further.

California Chrome almost won the Triple Crown, and then horse racing went into hibernation once again.

The World Cup, in all of it’s awesomeness, ended with a Germany victory. But not before they OBLITERATED host country Brazil, and social media had a field day.

LeBron James announced his return to Cleveland, and some people tried to unburn their jerseys.

Mo’ne Davis took the Little League World Series by storm.

The NFL had a domestic abuse problem, and the public took on the cause by calling for the most severe possible punishment for Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, who were the two biggest names involved. Somehow, Greg Hardy allegedly did this and skirted by without as much public outcry directed towards him.

Derek Jeter took a bow, and left his legacy as a Yankee behind him in the most Derek Jeter way he possibly could:

Madison Bumgarner hears your concerns for pitch count, and days of rest, and arm safety, and raises you one heaping serving of LETS GO WIN A WORLD SERIES.

So, this Odell Beckham Jr. kid can catch

Apparently, Alabama fans are quite protective about their football team.

The single game rushing record in the NCAA, held for 15 years by LaDanian Tomlinson, was broken by Melvin Gordon.

The single game rushing record in the NCAA, held for 7 days by Melvin Gordon, was broken by Samaje Perine.

Giancarlo Stanton agreed to the largest contract in American sports history: 13 years $325 million. Or, is it really 6 years, $107 million with a whole lot of “hey guys! Look! We’re trying to win! Come watch games!” from Jeffery Loria and the Miami Marlins… I’m gonna go with that second thing.

Seattle threw the ball and lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.


To everyone who is reading this thinking “wait, what about _______????!” you are absolutely correct. I missed some stuff. But that’s what we get for not writing for an entire year. I promise it will be a shorter wait for my next article, which will most likely not be a list of assorted things that aren’t current events.


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