The Daily Download – March 13, 2015

It is Friday, March 13th, and holy cray I have spent all of today until typing that just now living my innocent little life not knowing that it’s Friday the 13th!!! In other news…

The Roosters are Crowing and the Cows are Spinning Circles in the Pastures! Uh…

I’m not sure I even understand what just happened with the Eagles running back situation. First, the Eagles agreed to trade LeSean McCoy to the Bills for Kiko Alonso on March 3rd. Then, they thought they were signing Frank Gore on March 8, until he signed with the Colts. On Wednesday morning, the Eagles agreed to a deal with Ryan Mathews instead, and everyone thought that was it. But it was put on hold for a day when things got interesting.

The Eagles backfield is kinda crowded these days...

The Eagles backfield is kinda crowded these days…

Chip Kelly originally thought DeMarco Murray was out of their price range, but he reached out anyway to see what his level of interest was in the Eagles. Turns out, that level of interest was pretty high because Murray signed a 4-year deal with them yesterday. You’d think that would be where the story ends, right? Well, most of us assumed that because Mathews didn’t sign a deal that he’d be kicked to the curb and replaced with Murray before ever signing. And then Chip Kelly confused everyone again by signing Mathews too. So now the Eagles have DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, and Chris Polk all under contract. Everyone following this? No? Perfect, me either.

Don’t Reach, Young Blood

Kyrie Irving was having way too much fun scoring at will last night, so when the Cavaliers were down 6 to the Spurs with 30 seconds left he drained a step back corner 3 and then another at the buzzer to force overtime. And guess what? He hit some more ridiculous shots in OT to give the Cavs a win.

Jordan Cameron, you sly Dog Dolphin…

After reports came out that Cameron agreed to terms to re-sign with the Browns on a two year deal, he ended up actually signing a deal with the Miami Dolphins. It turns out once the report was “leaked” that Cameron had a deal in place with the Browns, the Dolphins doubled down and became yet another victim of the free agency confusion chaos that social media sports reporting creates.

Who’s on First? Wait, it’s Will Ferrell? Are you sure?

Will Ferrell played all 10 positions (including DH) for 10 different teams yesterday, was “traded” across multiple contests (once for a washing machine apparently), released and signed elsewhere a few times, and even coached third base for an inning. He ended with a pretty solid stat line: a 1.000 fielding percentage with one put out in the field (a bunt, as pitcher for the Dodgers), and 0-2 with 2 strikeouts batting (once for each Chicago franchise). But his best quote of the day, by far, was this beauty from his postgame speech: “They say nothing is more American than grabbing a hot dog, heading to the ball park, and watching 9 guys from the Dominican Republic make magic on the field.” So thank you, Will Ferrell, for making a bunch of people pay attention to what would have otherwise been an uneventful Thursday of Spring Training. Except for the Cubs game, where Kris Bryant and Jorge Soler launched a few more homers to get Cubs fans hopes up even more for 2015.


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