The Daily Download – March 16, 2015

It is Monday, March 16th, 2015, and there is only one thing on everybody’s minds this morning. Whether you are a mechanic in the Motor City, or the morning manager at a McDonalds in Maryland, or a marketing specialist in Midtown, you are filling out a March Madness bracket. That’s a whole lot of M’s… Let’s find out if anything else of interest happened yesterday:

The Ball is Tipped, and There You Are

The 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket was announced yesterday, and as usual there were plenty of complaints about undeserving teams getting in (UCLA and Indiana may have gotten some historical help) and teams being seeded oddly (#8 AP team Maryland seeded 4th, #12 AP team Wichita St given 7 seed among the endless list of complaints). But I have a feeling in about 4 days all of these complaints will be forgotten because the good people of CBS and Turner Sports will begin compiling the highlights that will eventually be made into the One Shining Moment montage that never disappoints. March Madness is already providing us with so much fun

Are You Sure You’ll Take the Field?

The biggest surprise on Selection Sunday may have come from Vegas oddsmakers, who gave the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats even odds to win the tournament. Most years, there is an odds-on favorite that people jokingly ask “would you take them over the field,” but this year Vegas IS taking the overall #1 seed over the field… There are no examples of tournament-related odds ever being even odds for a single team to come away with the title against the entire field. Only Gus Johnson could properly say how improbable this is.

Home Runs For Days 

Saying Kris Bryant hasn’t earned a spot on the Opening Day Roster for the Cubs is like saying he didn’t hit that many home runs last season. Oh wait, he hit 43 home runs last year, that’s a lot. And he has 6 in a week and a half of spring training games. So what’s the problem? Bryant is just 23 years old, and not yet on the 40 man roster, so the Cubs want to keep him off for just long enough that he isn’t eligible for arbitration a year earlier and the team controls his contract for that additional year. For a sport with steadily waning popularity, you’d think that loopholes that could prevent the most exciting players from playing in front of fans would be removed in a hurry.

I Don’t… I Can’t… What?!?

This isn’t something that should be able to happen on purpose. But apparently it’s a thing that Alexy Shved does in a real NBA game:


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