The Daily Download – March 17, 2015

I know everyone was extremely excited Sunday & Monday to begin filling out their brackets. But now that the bracket everyone cares about has been released, get ready to pick between UConn and the field for “March Lady Lunacy” (trademark pending).

Golden State’s Golden Ticket

The Splash Bros and the Warriors were taking on the Lakers Monday night, but in the middle of the game they found out they had clinched a playoff berth with the Thunder’s loss to Dallas. Golden State currently holds the best record in the NBA and becomes the second team to lock up their spot in the second season (it’s too long to call just a postseason). Though not quite as ahead as their counterparts in the east (the Hawks are up 11 games on the Cavs in the current two seed), they are one of the most impressive and complete teams in my memory. Here are some of categories they lead the NBA in:

Field Goal Percentage 47.7
3-pt Field Goal Percentage 39.3
Points per Game 109.7
Assists per Game 27.1
Blocked Shots per Game 6.2
Opp. Field Goal Percentage 42.6
Home Record 30-2
Points per Game Differential 10.1

Yeah…. So they are pretty good, and not just at scoring.

Tigers Hate Cinnamon

They also hate losing their video game. Tiger Woods, perhaps the greatest golfer of all-time, has hit a new low. The EA Sports golf game no longer has Tiger Woods as its cover and its namesake. Rory has officially supplanted Tiger and not only as the number one ranked golfer in the world, but literally the face of the game.

Who are the Washington Wizards? 

An excellent question! The team has been up and down all year. Currently riding a 4-game winning streak, which includes a 18-point comeback against the Kings (the largest in the NBA this season) and taking care of business against the Trail Blazers on Monday.

But the real purpose of this section was to answer this fantastic Jeopardy clue:

Beaten Into Mitts & Pieces

Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee and governor of Massachusetts, has a terrible idea. He is going to get into a boxing ring with 4-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. It’s for charity, but my god Mitt do you want to end your political career by breaking your face?

Dancing with the Sam

Michael Sam made his much-anticipated debut, sadly not in the NFL, but on Dancing with the Stars. Of course Sam is an inspirational figure, especially to those in the gay community, and hopefully one day he earns a spot in the NFL. But my god, he can dance.

Turn Down This

Tommy Lasorda, DJ Snake and Lil Jon. I’ll take things that don’t go together for 400.

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