The Daily Download – March 18, 2015

Still stalling on submitting your bracket? Are you “waiting to see the results of the play in games” because that is going to massively affect your decision making process? Because if you answered yes to that question, your stress level has already eclipsed the healthy threshold of March Madness. Starting at  12:15 ET tomorrow, there is a very strong chance that you will watch as your feverish scribblings and last second decision to pick the Anteaters (because who passes up the chance to pick a mascot like that to win) will slowly prove to be the opposite of what you should have done had you wanted to win your office pool for a change. There is good news though! It’s gonna be a fun two weeks, whether your bracket makes it through in one piece or it gets fed to your dog to destroy the evidence of your decision making.

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Basketball Game for an Interlude…

Northern Iowa is one of the long list of teams that people thought were poorly seeded in this year’s NCAA Tournament, and one that I personally have going a long way. If you don’t know much about Northern Iowa’s basketball team and want a good excuse to pick them in your bracket, here is their fan section:

Now, I’m Done

No, not the Brady Quinn-promoted performance product… Chris Borland decided to call it quits in the NFL at the age of 24. In a far too rare moment of clarity, Borland decided to choose long term health over a potentially prolific career in the NFL with the 49ers, who are now down 2 über-talented linebackers after Patrick Willis announced his retirement at age 30 for health related reasons as well. This surely isn’t the last time you’ll hear about this cautionary tale for future NFL players, but don’t count on it becoming a more popular decision.

Live, from the Bermuda Triangle: Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training BlueJaysCamp

It seems the Blue Jays have caught a really bad case of the freaky spring training injury bug… Michael Saunders tore his meniscus tripping over a sprinkler head, Marcus Stroman tore his ACL fielding a bunt, and Kevin Pillar made those two look like everyday occurrences when he sneezed his way to a strained oblique. They should take a page out of Joe Maddon’s book and hire a witch doctor before things get worse…

Joe is a Sad Mets Fan

Zack Wheeler has a torn UCL and will undergo Tommy John surgery, which will make him miss the 2015 season. Wheeler becomes the third Mets pitcher under age 25 to undergo Tommy John surgery in the last 4 years, joining Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey, who missed 2011 and 2014, respectively. Moving on…

Spring is Coming

Minor League Baseball is one of the most underrated treasures of our great nation. They’ve got Dollar Beer Night on Thursdays. I’d continue the list, but I already won most of you over. They also have promotions like you’d never see at a big league ball park, like Star Wars Night, 90’s Nickelodeon Night, and now the Durham Bulls are making waves with Game of Thrones Night on April 23, complete with custom uniforms. Well Durham, I’m in. Bought my tickets this morning.

You’ve Gotta be Shved-ing me

The New York Knicks (yes, those Knicks) defeated the San Antonio Spurs 104-101 last night. This is How to Handle Losing to the Knicks: Gregg Popovich Edition


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