The Daily Download – March 19, 2015

Today is the most underrated day of the year. Sure, there are other days like it, but in my book there’s really no comparison. Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is nice, but it’s Saint Joseph’s Day! Come on, it doesn’t get much better than… oh, you thought I was talking about something else that people are looking forward to today?

You can't tell me Murphy hadn't filled out a few low scoring brackets in his day to come up with these laws...

You can’t tell me Murphy hadn’t filled out a few low scoring brackets in his day to come up with these laws…

Upset Alert: Everyone, Everywhere

Much like every other red blooded American, I love a good Cinderella story in March. I even loved the movie Cinderella Man, which I was really hoping was released in March when I started writing this but oh well, can’t win ’em all. Which is actually a great segue, because as much as everyone is clamoring to announce which upset picks they got right today and beyond, don’t expect to be perfect. March Madness is a time when everyone should remember Murphy’s Law and just accept the fact that we have to be prepared for the crazy, because it’s coming whether we like it or not. Might as well enjoy the ride! I just wish Western Kentucky was in it, they always seemed to make things interesting:

I’m Calling it Quits- Later Though, Not Now. 

Oh Jim… What are we going to do with you? Who told you that it might be a good idea to announce your impending retirement, 3 years from now, right after the NCAA Tournament Bracket was announced with your team not included because of sanctions? Because that was not your best decision ever. I’m not sure when everyone decided they were important enough to give us all a warning before retiring, but if Derek Jeter only got one year you don’t get a 3 year farewell tour, Jim. But look on the bright side: at least you aren’t dragging out a retirement decision over the course of 11 years… MAKE UP YOUR MIND BRETT

Clayton Kershaw is Better Than You At… Ping Pong?

Little known fact: baseball was actually Clayton Kershaw’s backup plan in life. His true passion as a young boy was ping pong, and he is quick to remind everyone of his dominance on the table whenever he gets the chance to play:


Lessons from Queensbridge North Florida

We all learned a valuable lesson today, courtesy of the North Florida Osprey’s head coach Matthew Driscoll after losing to Robert Morris in the 16-16 First Four game:
I Award You No Points, And May God Have Mercy On Your Soul

The NFL is currently reviewing 23 new rule proposals, because is there anything better than trying to fix something that isn’t broken? By far the most outlandish rule proposed comes from the Indianapolis Colts, who would like to be given the chance to score 9 points in one play. How, you ask? Simple! After a touchdown, a team can elect to go for the two point conversion. If they succeed, they are then given the chance to kick a 50 yard field goal for an additional BONUS POINT. Sorry, did I lose you there at the end with the official language? Because all I got out of this is that the Colts want bonus points. I think I have the answer the NFL rules committee is searching for right here:


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