The Daily Download – March 20, 2015: Madness Edition!

5 one point games on the first day of the tournament (, oh March Madness. How we have missed you. James Harden scored 50 points last night but WHO CARES ITS MARCH MADNESS! TIME FOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL RECAP!!


 (1)Kentucky 79 (16) Hampton 56


 (8) Cincinnati 66 (9) Purdue 65

Cincy’s best player Octavius Ellis throws an Elbow at someone on Purdue and gets tossed midway through the second half. Cincy then somehow keeps the game close and takes it to OT with a ball that seemed to stay on the rim for 5 seconds. Bearcats prevail!

(6) Butler 56 (11) Texas 48
Roosevelt Jones got hurt at the end of the game spraining his left knee. Butler played without Jones all of last season so they are used to playing without him but Butler struggled with his absence last year and this could hurt them against ND on Saturday.

(3) Notre Dame 69 (14) Northeastern 65

Zach Auguste had 25 points, jeez did 14 seeds have a day or what?


(5) Arkansas 56 (12) Wofford 53

The pride of the Southern Conference, Wofford gave it their all. Buuuuut Arkansas just a little bigger and too much to handle, they would eventually win this game by 3.

(4) UNC 67 (13) Harvard 65

Carolina should’ve won this game by a lot, they didn’t. UNC is enormous and when guys like Isiah Hicks are going off, the whole team should be going off. Its funny how I had more confidence in Harvard to take down the Heels than I do Arkansas.

(6) Xavier 76 (11) Ole Miss 57

20 points 9 rebounds, 5 assits and 2 steals for Matt Stainbrook at Xavier. That is a complete game! Ole Miss gets anhilated after squeaking past the Mormons in round 1.

(3) Baylor 56 (14) Georgia State 57

This game was everything. RJ Hunter hits the greatest 3 pointer of all time and theeeeen his DAD IS THE COACH! And he FELL OUT OF HIS CHAIR!!

(7) VCU 72 (10) Ohio State 75


Russell had 28 points as Ohio State came back from double digits to knock off Shaka Smart and VCU in OT.

(2) Arizona 93 (15) Texas Southern 72


(1) Villanova 93 (16) Lafayette 52

(8) NC State 66 (9) LSU 65

LSU missed last 6 free throws and last 12 shots and then BJ Anya did this. March!!


(5) Utah 57 (12) Stephen F. Austin 50

Jakob Poeltl decided he wanted to get drafted in the NBA last night so he was enormous and had 5 blocks. Lots of people picked Stephen F. Austin to win this one, but Utah was all over them from start to finish.

(4) Georgetown 84 (13) Eastern Washington 74

Gerogetown actually won a game in the NCAA tournament, I feel like that is an accomplishment even if it was against Eastern Washington.

(6) SMU 59 (11) UCLA 60

Most controversial game of the day clearly belongs to SMU and UCLA, was it a goaltend?

I think so, there is ZERO reason to go up for that ball and swat it away making it look like a blocking motion. Dumb play, right call, unfortunate situation. Sorry Larry Brown!

(3) Iowa State 59 (14) UAB 60

What a crazy game, this was the first official upset of the tournament and it certainly didn’t disappoint! I would describe the madness but just watch the video and make your eyes lives easier.

Gotta love March people, this is only Day 1 of the tournament. It’s going to be a wild one.




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