The Daily Download – March 22, 2015

Happy Sunday folks! The first week of the madness comes to a close. We’ve seen upsets, we’ve been upset about our brackets getting busted, and most of all… we’ve seen an upset person try to keep playing the piccolo.

One and Done

Sure, the Round of 64 featured some pretty spectacular upsets, but Saturday saw the first giant fall. No, Kentucky is safe… though apparently they were “tested” in a 13-point victory over Cincinnati. However, the tournament’s number 2 overall seed and top dog in the east, Villanova, fell to NC State. Obviously it is disappointing whenever a team enters as a 1 seed and cannot even make it to the Sweet 16, but Villanova’s inability to make it past the round of 32 is becoming a trend. What makes it worse is this is a now becoming a common thread about the entire Big East, as a the conference that went 4-0 on Thursday now only has one team remaining (Xavier). The Big East should be terrified that two of their marquee schools (Villanova & Georgetown) are earning the “they can’t make it far” label when the casual fan is filling out a bracket.

Game of Thrones

Georgia State’s run may have been brief, but they are certainly one of the most memorable teams of the tournament. There’s the fact that the team features the father-son duo of Ron & R.J. Hunter (Check out Ron’s emotional press conference after their loss to Xavier). The fact that Ron ruptured his achilles celebrating his teams entry into the tournament. Or the incredible opening round theatrics against 3-seed Baylor, during which Ron fell of his chair. But the cherry on top, that chair now has its own twitter account. And whoever runs it is hilarious.

All About Steve

There have only ever been 12 players in the NBA who have won multiple MVP awards, and one of them retired Saturday. Steve Nash has finally decided it is time for life after basketball. Nash was never the face of the league, in large part because he never found that elusive Larry O’Brien trophy, but he certainly will be on his way to the hall of fame. He will always be known as one of the leagues most gifted passers (3rd all-time in assists) and most effective shooters (a member of the 50-40-90 club 4 times, only Larry Bird also did it more than once). However, his true legacy might be in bringing the association back to a point guard driven league. Nash recreated the idea that the offense, both scoring and passing, can be effectively run through the point. His style and innovation inspired many of today’s elite guards.

Sideshow Bob

Robin Lopez is good NBA center and key cog in Portland’s playoff team. But the sideshow bob look-alike is known for exactly that… being a sideshow, as he continues his ongoing battle with the Mascots of the NBA. Don’t let the shenanigans fool you, he’s one of the best role players in the NBA.

Bold Strategy, Cotton

“Instead of trying to score on the other net, where a goalie will try to stop you… let’s just have our goalie score on our net.” – Reasons the Coyotes won’t make the playoffs.

Yep, Mike Smith scored on himself.

My, Myself & I

Sometimes I wonder if Serena Williams has a song all about her that she plays to herself, a la South Park’s James Cameron song. She posted this photo of her reading a magazine with her on the cover, It’s like Inception, except it makes more sense.


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