The Daily Download – March 23, 2015

Deep breath in… deep breath out… one more breath in… and again out. Everyone good after this weekend of madness? We have a three day hiatus to regain our composure before the tournament continues on Thursday.

Down Goes Frazier

Ok, Frazier may be a bit of a stretch… but we did see a #1 seed fall and a pair of #2 seeds as well in 24 hours. Villanova fell to Trevor Lacey and the NC State Wolfpack 71-68, and after they knocked off the top seed of the region NC State’s Cat Barber had some choice words for the President of the United States… Not sure he’s who I would have trash talked after picking up a huge win. Tom Izzo continued his tournament success as Sparty rolled over Virginia 60-54, and Wichita State won the battle of Kansas over the Jayhawks 78-65. And who as two thumbs and got two of those three upsets right? This guy.

El Clasico El Clasico

No, I didn’t type that twice by accident. That’s a sentence, in Spanish. Want me to translate it for you non bilingual folk? The classic El Clasico! The Barcelona-Real Madrid matchup lived up to it’s namesake this year, as Barcelona came out on top 2-1 thanks mostly to their fans and their awesomeness:

Maybe it had something to do with that Lionel Messi guy, too. Maybe.

Thanks, but Who Is This Guy?

Russell Westbrook something something 10th triple double of the season blah blah blah… Yep, he did it again. The fun part comes after. Allen Iverson, professional ankle breaker, applauded Westbrook’s incredible talent and said that he, AI, is “the biggest Russell Westbrook fan there is.” Hearing AI say that would make most people do a few backflips in excitement, but Russ isn’t most people. He “didn’t watch much basketball growing up” so he didn’t know to be in awe that AI loves his game so much… People these days, am I right? (Says the kid 4 years younger than Russell Westbrook).

Over the Hill, for a Running Back, but Young for a Sultan

Adrian Peterson turned 30 this weekend, so naturally he threw himself a Middle East themed birthday party because he “watched Disney’s Aladdin a bunch of times.” I have too, but I have yet to turn those viewings into a Middle East themed birthday party. Peterson dressed up as a sultan and rode a camel around and my work here is done.

The Bulls, of House Durham

Remember that time I said that the Durham Bulls are having a Game of Thrones night? Because they’re still doing it. And now they have jerseys to show us and YES TO ALL OF THIS



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