The Daily Download – March 24, 2015

Happy Tuesday one and all. Scientists have found that Tuesdays are actually the most depressing day of the week. But we at the Sports Download are here to make sure that that is not the case today.

New NFL rule changes means no one knows what a catch is still

NFL owners are currently in the midst of their annual meetings, which means beat reporters get to tell us about all the rule changes (crazy or otherwise) that teams are considering (or laughing at). If you don’t have time to read over it all, here are the notable ones and my personal favorites.

  1. The Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins want to make personal foul penalties reviewable, which makes sense, given that hits like this and this are considered “roughing the passer.”
  2. The New England Patriots want fixed cameras on sidelines, end lines and goal lines to supplement those provided by broadcast networks. This makes you wonder why they don’t do this already.
  3. The Patriots also are back with the ‘move the PAT to the 15-yard-line’ request.
  4. The Indianapolis Colts won the “craziest proposed rule change ever” award with their idea this year. So, the Colts suggested that if a teams goes for a two-point conversation and makes it, they then get to attempt a bonus extra point for a potential nine point play. The catch is that said kick would be a 50-yard field goal. MADNESS!
  5. The Chicago Bears want both teams to get the ball in overtime, regardless of if team A scores a touchdown on its opening possession or not.
  6. The Calvin Johnson/Dez Bryant rule has been changed! Kinda… So the wording has been changed so that a “football move” now says that a player must “establish himself as a runner.” Because that’s sure to clear EVERYTHING up, right?


While we are on the topic of the NFL, I present to you the hottest hot take of the month.

If you want to find the article itself, you can search for it. I do not feel justified in giving Dylan Gwinn the clicks on this…thing.

Time for some international footie!

Club soccer is on an international break this week, which for those that don’t know, means that clubs will not play for a week or two while national teams play exhibitions and tournament qualifiers. Over the next week, there will be qualifiers for the Euro 2016 tournament and World Cup, as well as games involving the United States (cue Lupe Fiasco and the ‘I Believe That We Will Win’ chants) and world powers France and Brazil.

Euro 2016 Qualifying

  • Spain vs. Ukraine – Friday, 3:45 p.m.
  • Netherlands vs. Turkey – Saturday, 3:45 p.m.

International Friendlies

  • USA vs. Denmark – Wednesday, 3:15 p.m.
  • France vs. Brazil – Thursday, 4 p.m.

Sad Piccolo Girl has a happy ending

We all remember Sad Piccolo Girl from this past weekend, right? Remember how sad she was, and how awful you felt for the her, having to play through the pain of seeing her Villanova Wildcats knocked out by NC State? Don’t feel so bad for her anymore. She was on Jimmy Fallon last night and got to play with the Roots and got Taylor Swift tickets.

I guess you could say she really…

*puts on sunglasses*

shook it off!

I’ll see myself out now…

But seriously, I want to be a meme so I can get free tickets to Taylor Swift concerts. CALL ME TAYLOR!

An update on the only March tournament bracket you should be paying attention to

Forget the NCAA Tournament — you should be paying attention to SB Nation’s Worst Internet Things bracket! Here is the latest bracket update. Just go click that link. No words I can write here will do it justice.

Let’s end on a happy note

Who wants to see a NFL player sing along with his daughters to a Frozen song? (No, not that one, don’t worry.) Prepare for adorableness overload — here’s forever in my mind Carolina Panther DeAngelo Williams singing with his daughters.


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