The Daily Download – March 25, 2015

Happy hump day sports fans! Luckily today is the final day before the return of madness, but while we wait for the Sweet 16 to tip off Thursday let’s look at what’s happening in the down time.

What the Buck?

Despite the fact that most of the teams in the eastern conference currently hold losing records, the chase for the playoffs is extremely exciting because very few teams are truly out of it. Tuesday’s matchup of Heat vs Bucks featured teams vying for position to not have to play the Hawks or Cavaliers in the first round. This game certainly had the good, the bad & the ugly. Let’s begin with the latter two. Here is an attempted alley-oop from Michael Carter-Williams.

Maybe the Greek Freak could’ve reached that ball… but normal basketball humans couldn’t. On the other end of the spectrum… this is how the game ended:

Khris Middleton has got onions!

Bryce Smash!

Sports Illustrated released its annual MLB preview. On one of the regional covers was this picture of Bryce Harper & Max Scherzer of the Nationals.

OMG. Do you see Bryce Harper’s arms? Are they really arms or is he wearing a Hans & Franz suit? Bryce is only 22 years old and seems to have been exposed to gamma radiation in the off-season. Based on the picture and my deep love for the Washington Nationals, I’m going to set the over/under at 100 home runs for him. Is it rational? Absolutely not, just like SI picking the Indians as their preseason World Series favorite. Cleveland was SI’s pick back in 1987… the Indians lost 101 games that season.

Dude, Where’s My Stadium?

Cubs starting pitcher Edwin Jackson was supposed to open the game for the Cubs Tuesday, but instead ended up pitching in relief. Jackson entered into his GPS “A’s Complex”, which took him to Oakland’s old spring training facility at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, making him late for his schedule spring training start. Jackson’s day didn’t get any better from there as he gave up 7 runs in under 2 innings.

Back to the Fantasy

The Fresno Grizzlies, the minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros (who are basically a minor league team), decided to do a Back to the Future themed promotional night. Minor league teams often do shenanigans relating to the 80’s and 90’s to get people in the stands, but the Grizzlies went too far. As part of the promotion, the team planned on giving away 2017 Houston Astros World Series rings. The Astros are one of the worst teams in baseball, which means getting this “right” would be next to impossible. However, the team has decided to change the promotion because they don’t want to jinx their Major League big brothers (would have been a good excuse to keep in their pocket). So not only did they make a joke of themselves, they bailed on the plan before at least getting some sympathy tickets.

Frank the Tank Squared

Wisconsin is in Los Angeles for the West Region semifinal, where they will face 4-seed UNC. While in LA, Frank Kaminsky met his namesake. Will Ferrell, naturally doing what actors do, selling their movies to the public, got interviewed by Wisconsin’s star player for Access Hollywood. Begging the question… which Frank the Tank can drink more beer? (My money is on Will Ferrell)

What to Watch

Huge slate of NBA games tonight (13 across the association). Here are the best three:

Bulls at Raptors: Teams fighting for the 3 seed in the east hoping to avoid a talented, though slumping, Wizards team and face a team with a potential losing record in the first round.

Cavaliers at Grizzlies: Potential finals preview, each team currently 2nd in their respective conferences. Polar opposites in the sense that the Grizzlies are the epitome of home grown, while the Cavs are the latest attempt at super-star roulette.

Rockets at Pelicans: Dwight Howard is back, which means we will hopefully get a better feel for the Rockets identity as they head towards the playoffs. They visit the Pelicans, who are fighting for their playoff lives. Anthony Davis has been banged up, but despite that continues to prove he’s the best front court player in the NBA.


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