The Daily Download – March 27, 2015

Happy Friday Folks, anyone got any great weekend plans? I know I’ll be watching basketball at night and hitting the links during the day! Lets get you caught up on all the fun from yesterday.

Wildcats Thrash Mountaineers

Welp Daxter Miles Jr. predicted that Kentucky would be 36-1 after last night’s game and needless to say that did not happen. The score was 44-18 at half time and the final was 78 to 39. Blowout from start to finish. West Virginia’s game is to press so Kentucky decided to beat them at their own game and it was ugly.

I mean c’mon


Kentucky now plays Notre Dame next who handled a feisty Wichita State last night. This should be a fun game, Notre Dame shoots the ball really well but lacks big bodies which obviously is not the case for Kentucky considering they are taller than 29 of 30 NBA teams.



In other college basketball news, Arizona beat Xavier 68-60. TJ McConnell had a terrible first half but turned it around and led the Wildcats with 17 points. Not sure who this guy was cheering for but he was doing a good job cheering.

Heels Down, Badger Up 

UNC gave Wisconsin all it could handle last night and I honestly thought the Heels were going to pull off the upset. Frank the Tank didn’t play well but Sam Dekker carried the Badgers on an enormous 9-0 run with about 6 minutes in the game left and the Badgers move on to the Elite 8 to play Arizona. That is going to be an awesome game, fact.

Speaking of Arizona, this happened ten years ago yesterday.

What to Watch this weekend:

Uh College basketball duh. Sweet 16 games start tonight at 7:15 on CBS with Gonzaga and UCLA. Elite 8 starts on Saturday at 6:09 with Arizona and Wisconsin.

Last note: The Washington Wizards have a promotion if an opposing player misses 2 straight free throws in the 4th quarter then everyone in the arena gets a free Chickfila sandwich and yes that happened last night and yes Lionel Messi is excited about his free Chickfila!!

Enjoy the weekend people.


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