Props and Slops: UFC Fight Night Maia vs. LaFlare

UFC Fight Night: Maia vs LaFlare has come and gone. Some things were awesome. Some things…weren’t. Let’s see who deserves some props and who gets some slops.


The Daily Download – March 23, 2015

Deep breath in… deep breath out… one more breath in… and again out. Everyone good after this weekend of madness? We have a three day hiatus to regain our composure before the tournament continues on Thursday. Down Goes Frazier Ok, Frazier may be a bit of a stretch… but we did see a #1 seed…

Chasing Perfection

March Madness is pretty crazy, right? We go nuts when our team’s down at the half, insane when Cinderella shows, but we are classified clinical right before we bubble in our blank bracket. We think we can be perfect. On a scale of bragging rights to billions, there’s plenty of incentive to pick perfection. There’s…